An on-site evaluation will be needed for all contributing factors which include- Land layout, differences in terrain, what preparation work is needed and the determined product. We will provide all information and options needed so ,together, we can plan your dream landscape. A type, style and color scheme will be picked by you.


Removal of existing landscape borders will be completed first. Then borders are painted out accordingly for sod & dirt removal (this is standard removal). Ground is then leveled and compacted for concrete.


Trucks will arrive with all necessary material and tools for the curbing to be installed. All concrete is mixed on site, using specialized compounds to ensure the most durable quality. This is done from the location of our truck and trailer. We must have a clear parking , paths for wheel barrow’s, and nothing unnecessary around all areas being installed. Curbing is then extruded from our curb machine and finished into the final product.

Sealing Application

Once all borders are complete with finished product, we then seal the concrete. We will apply commercial grade acrylic sealer.


A full walk through of the job is done. Making sure any tools are picked up, and all materials disposed of. Any mess from our work will be taken care of to leave your home the way it was. This is an important company standard at Luxe. We can apply grass seed if necessary on outer edges. We do not however do landscaping installation. So any extensions made by the new borders (gaps from existing landscape edges, additional mulch or stone) will need to be handled by a landscaper.

Care & Maintenance

Upon completion of the project it will be up to you for care. Once we leave, any damage done to the curb Will have to be charged. Allow 48 hours before turning on any sprinkler systems, working around the curb, walking on it or pets going around it. It’s most vulnerable time will be for the first week. Use proper precautions for any landscaping, mowing or trimming in this timeframe. Continuing care during these actions will help ensure the lasting life of the concrete (anything can be damaged with carelessness). Coloring of the curb will level out over the next month or so, as curing finishes to full effect. We do offer further services for resealing as needed. We recommend this every 3 years.


Our curbing services have a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Repairs of the affected area(s) will be done with no charge if the defect was caused by our installation of the product, or the materials that we used. Cracking in joints less than a quarter inch are not covered. Any cracks more than a quarter inch, or not in a control joint, will be covered. Therefore they will be repaired under warranty.

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