Curbing Benefits

Luxe Concrete Borders was started on the belief in a superior product. Innovative concrete curbing immediately became our uncontested choice for landscape edging.
Let us explain why.


  • The shape, style & color schemes can all be customized to fit your personal vision.
  • Though similar, all custom stone curbing is one of a kind.


  • Corners, radiuses or straight lines, are all achievable using decorative concrete borders.


  • This is the next level of curb appeal, adding significant value to your home.

Functional Benefits

  • Typically installed in one day.
  • It is a continuous poured border that prevents grass or weeds from growing up through.
  • Provides a Great root barrier for plants and bushes.
  • Dramatically reduces edging and trimming around landscaping, while also protecting existing landscaping.
  • Keeps rocks and mulch where you want them. Resulting in a sustained, intact landscape.
  • More durability than other landscape edging. Does not rust like steel, break like plastic, shift like brick, or rot away like wood.

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