Is landscape curbing new?

No. Although the quality and customization produced now is new and extremely improved.

Does it last long?

Yes. We use a precise procedure of careful mixing, potent reinforcement additives for strong durability. Then finish with a commercial grade acrylic sealer for protection against moisture/ color preservation. After that it’s up to you to care for it like anything else. With proper care and maintenance it will last for years.

Will the removal or installation process destroy my lawn?

No. Only light machines are used (heaviest being around 200lbs), equipped with yard friendly tires. If anything minor is present at the end of the installation, it will be fully taken care of along with a thorough job site clean up. We accept nothing less.

Does the curbing shift like stone, brick or other types of edging?

No one main benefit of curbing is that it’s one continuous product. Its not in pieces.

Will it crack?

All concrete will crack at some point. Control joints are strategically placed in the curb to relieve stress for expanding. They are to try and make sure that if it does crack, it happens in the joint.

Will you remove any existing edging?

Yes. That is a service we offer and can be added into the estimate.

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